Holiday Designer Gift Guide

Every year we present a holiday gift guide especially picked for its high quality design.  We combed around the globe for each product and chose them for its functionality, creative design, and that certain unique quality.  We hope you enjoy this year’s choices.

The holidays usually mean entertaining and whipping up scrumptious feasts for the guests.  To make your entertaining a little easier and more enjoyable, we chose the following for your kitchen, dining and living rooms.

1. Chop Knife – from Norman Copenhagen (; € 34

Designed by the Italian team Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere for the Scandinavian store, Norman Copenhagen, this rubber handled chop knife is perfectly ergonomic. Its circular shape fits into the palm of your hand and eases chopping of vegetables and fruits.  When prepping is done, you can hang it up on the wall as a sculpture.

2. Wine Rack – from Umbra (; $ 21

Every host needs a place to hold their wine selection.  This acrylic wine rack is designed by Ran Lerner and holds six bottles.

3. Stereo System – from Geneva Labs (; $ 999

From Switzerland we have the Model L Stereo system for the big spender and the technophile. Designed by Geneva Labs, this stereo system is a sleek addition to your entertainment center. Available in several glossy lacquered colors to fit into the décor of your home, the system offers two speakers, a premium amplifier, radio, CD and Ipod player.

4. Andrea Living Air Filter – from A+R (; $ 150

A beautiful setting doesn’t just start with the furnishings, it begins with a healthy environment.  For our environmentally-conscious dwellers, A+R offers the Andrea Living Air Filter.  Designed by Le Laboratoire in Paris by Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards, the filter removes toxic gases from the air including formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia and uses a living plant to absorb the toxic gases.

5. Hollywood Pillow – from Z Gallerie (; $ 49

6. Vendome Pillar – from Z Gallerie (; $ 38-40

To add that touch of glamour and romantic mood in your home, Z Gallerie offers a ruffled flower pillow and the Vendome Pillar. The pillow comes in sheer organza nylon in bright turquoise, a pop of color perfect against a winter white décor. The Vendome Pillar candle holder is made of mercury glass in silver and stands at 18” or 21” high.

7. Design Research: The Store that Brought Modern Living to American Homes – from; $ 31.50

No living room is complete without a coffee table book.  Written by Jane Thompson and Alexandra Lange, the Design Research book is an homage to the famous but defunct Boston design store, Design Research.  Opened in 1969 by architect Benjamin Thompson, the store was ahead of its time.  A former partner of German architect, Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus movement, Thompson carefully curated the selection of furniture, accessories and fashion for his store.  Closed in 1978, Design Research continues to influence many designers to this day.

8. Digital Dreams chandelier – from Unica Home (; see website for price

Providing that extra sparkle to your home, we have the Digital Dreams chandelier. Designers William Brand and Annet Van Egmond wanted to create a lighting sculpture from a simple chandelier. At the end of each spoke is a digital frame that contains 1 GB of memory to display your personal photos, allowing an ever changing sculpture. You can capture the memories of your festivities and upload it for your future guests to gaze and marvel at.

For those who have a great interest in design, a unique gift that will provide long-lasting benefits is an interior design online course. Sheffield School allows for a flexible learning style, as well as the opportunity to explore other topics with offerings such as feng shui training courses, event planning certification tracks, and even jewelry making classes. If you or someone you know has any interest in learning the elements of design for either personal or professional use, this is a great place to start.

Caroline Wolfe Papocchia is a freelance event planner based in New York City. She has over six years of experience as a project manager and production supervisor for a variety of clients and event planning companies. In her career, Caroline has worked on public and private events both in the US and abroad, ranging in scale from a dinner party for 10 to an opening gala for 1,500.

As the student advisor for the Wedding and Event Planning Course at the Sheffield School, Caroline imparts her knowledge and experience to students from around the country and the globe who are aspiring to enter the event planning field. Caroline advises students equally on working in the industry and getting the most from their studies with Sheffield.

In addition to her work with the students, Caroline contributes stories on event and wedding planning to Sheffield’s Stylehound blog and Designer Monthly e-newsletter, as well as to Project Wedding.

A Guide to Interior Painting Ideas

It is amazing how a wealth of interior painting ideas can turn a so-so looking home into a great looking one. If you think that painting a wall is just painting a wall then you haven’t seen all of the different techniques and designs you can use with today’s paints. Now, you can not only make just about any color imaginable, you can use those colors to create textures and patterns.

Everyone wants the rooms in their home to evoke a feeling of warmth. You probably also wouldn’t mind if people started complimenting you on how great your rooms looked. Plus, coming home to a nice looking place to relax is also a great stress reducer. Don’t think that just because you are not an interior designer you have to be stuck with boring, one-tone walls.

Before you start thinking about interior painting ideas, the first thing you need to do is head out to your local paint store to get a card of swatches to show you what colors are available. These days almost any color can be mixed so if you don’t find exactly what you want, don’t be afraid to ask them to mix a special color for you.

One way to create a unique look on your walls is with faux painting. That is when you paint your wall to resemble some other kind of material, such as granite, wood, marble, velvet, silk, denim, leather, suede, etc. You can also make all kinds of other textures, lines and squiggles. There are kits you can buy to help you do your walls in faux painting, or you can read about it and invent your own design. There are easy, medium and difficult methods, so you are bound to find one to your liking.

Another way to spice up normal paint is to use wall stenciling. You can buy all sorts of stencils to use or you can make your own. You just obtain a stencil in a pattern you like. The pattern is in the cutout portion of the template. You attach the template to the wall and then paint the cutout portion. When you remove the template from the wall, the design remains. Your design can be anything–flowers, words, animals, balloons, cars, trains, combinations of boxes, circles, just about anything you can think of can be made into a stencil.

One of the most interesting interior painting ideas is known as rubber stamping. This technique of decoration is no longer just for greeting cards but has been taken to a new level with wall painting techniques. Just as with stenciling, you can create almost any design of your own. You can use household items to make rubber stamps or you can buy them all ready to use. Whichever you choose, this is an easy and inexpensive way to make walls with textures and designs.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Home Interior Decorating

There is probably nothing more rewarding after a hard day’s work than retiring to a house that you have decorated yourself. When you want your house to be truly unique, exercising creative control is your best option. Home interior decorating brings out your individuality; it also challenges your resourcefulness to choose materials that you like that are both appropriate and reasonably priced.

Contrary to popular belief, decorating a house can be done by most anybody. Some people may not be too confident with their skill so they hire professional decorators, which costs them a bit more. To decorate your own home tastefully, you should have an understanding of the basic principles of color, lighting, and style, as well as a solid idea of the preferred ambience. Learning these basics will give you confidence to do your own home interior decorating.

The following are some to the things that every beginner interior designer should ponder before proceeding to alter any room in the house.

Theme – One must ask this question, first and foremost: What ambience is desired for the house? There are many themes to choose from. Some might want their abode to look like a Japanese tea house. Some may be inclined to go tropical. A few others may prefer a Victorian style. Regardless of choice, a theme unites all other aspects of home interior decorating. Without a solid theme, it will be harder to come up with a cohesive style.

Color – Many people are intimidated by the task of styling their houses because they feel that they are not very good with color harmony. Colors are actually fun to play with, and choosing them is largely dependent on the theme. While no one can go wrong with black, white, and neutral colors, it would be a waste not to play with the other hues and shades in the color chart.

Along with the theme, the choice of colors should be further guided by your personal preference. For instance, a contemporary styled bedroom may have walls, ceilings, curtains and rugs in neutral colors, but you may inject your personality by adding accents of your favorite color, such as blue pillow cases and doilies. You may also want to play with monochromatic colors: a single color comes in many hues, shades, and saturation levels, each of which is appropriate to specific items in the room. The importance of a theme cannot be overstated.

Materials and Accessories – Again, depending on the home interior decorating theme you are going for, the items may be made of common materials, such as metal and wood. A tightly themed house always has a few items of interest, such as unique art, that serves as centerpieces and often becoming instant subjects of conversation. One can display favorite statues or valuable relics picked up at an art gallery or antique shop for this purpose.

Lights – Without appropriate illumination, any well-decorated home will not look as good as its potential. You should consider the quality of light that comes from the windows, as well as the type, intensity, and color of light that comes from overhead lighting and lamps. A good lighting system should be able to showcase the room’s style, the items that are being displayed, and should contribute to the overall ambience.

Browsing through magazines, TV shows, consulting with professionals, and going back to one’s basic knowledge of art and style will help you, the budding decorator, come up with the look that you desires for your design. Home interior decorating is a very enjoyable activity, especially when you enjoy the results of your creative efforts.

Once you have settled on your home interior decorating theme, visit an art gallery to find original art that you can use as a centerpiece in your home. Nothing says more about you than the art you choose to accent your home interior decorating style.

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas ? Guide to Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom interior design ideas flip a primary white box into a retreat. You may well not believe that you’ve enough space to decorate but it is possible to reuse a whole lot from the products you already have in intriguing means. Right here are a several tips for bedroom interior design ideas.

Choice of fabric and selection with the base coloration from the wall are the initially details which have to be determined whilst beginning an interior design of the bedroom. Furniture comes subsequent. But, to choose the correct type of furniture, the fabric and base colours have to get determined. It isn’t required to invest a great deal of income in covering the walls. Amateur photography might be put to terrific use while covering the partitions of your bedroom. If photographs do not suit your liking, then decide on some paintings, frame them and mount them on the wall. Each of these methods are beneficial for creating an outstanding really feel from the bedroom because with the inimitable images that you simply covered the walls with.

Design to scale. It’s effortless to just go to the furnishings keep or a huge warehouse and decide on out your complete dream set complete using a 4 poster bed and armoire. Then when you get it residence all the things feels crowded. You can nonetheless contain a four poster mattress. Just preserve the rest from the goods smaller so it’s the focal stage and however enables you to operate within your allotted space.

Consider the power of neutral colors. This ensures that your space will be light and airy and will work for both you and your spouse. You can find shades of taupe which have undertones of green or gold in them. This really is a far more subtle way of receiving your favorite coloring within the room. Then you definately can coordinate it with real wood pieces of furniture and bright white linens. This adds interest for your area. It has an up to date vibe without being too over the top. Plus, it really is however an alter from fundamental white partitions. It’s the excellent model should you never know what you wish or you’re afraid of lots of colour. You’ll be able to add delicate patterns and textures to make the space interesting whilst keeping it livable.

Add a really special item to your space. This will help out your budget but it also makes an enormous impact. You may go with a dramatic chocolate brown wall coloring or new wood floors. This assures that you’ve a focal point in your place. Plus, you can maximize your funds by getting essentially the most critical thing to you. Then you can coordinate the relaxation of one’s area approximately that merchandise for any cohesive search. Then every thing else from the place will appear higher end even though it isn’t.

Bedroom interior design is very vital since a significant volume of time is spent inside bedroom. So, hold these tips in thoughts and design an exceptional bedroom interior.

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Interior Design – An Introductory Guide on Interior Design Services

Have you ever thought about becoming an interior designer? Do you want to know more about all the training and experience that it will take in order for you to break into the field? If you’ve ever considered hiring an interior designer for your home, or have wondered what it would take for you to design someone’s home, here is some information about interior design services that will help you to find the right professional–or to become one.

One of the best sources to check is the American Society of Interior Designers website. This resource will tell you everything you need to know about networking events that designers should attend to advance their careers, and you’ll learn about the legislation and advocacy that you are entitled to as a professional. There are a number of links to sites that will show you before-and-after pictures of quality designs that you can use for inspiration as well.

The interior design services that you can expect from a professional include furniture rearrangement and recommendations, lighting adjustments, and furniture and accessory creation. The interior designer that you choose should be able to show you a number of original light fixtures and smaller accents for every room in your home, as well as larger pieces that will make a definite statement. For instance, you may take a look at a catalog that contains chrome light fixtures for the kitchen that are in unique shapes, or built-in shelves for the living room that will save space and give the space more originality.

In many cases, the interior designer will work with the contractor or architect if you are building a home or business from the ground up. This way, you will be able to take advantage of original and innovative designs that are built into the structure, as well as accents and accessories that the designer will add later.

Accessories like Indoor water fountains or  tabletop fountains add a zen-like charm to your interior design.  Depending on your personal style, you may be able to find variety of different interior design elements to make your home a unique focal point of your personality. 

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Top Kitchen Appliances In Interior Design

If you could sit down and think about your favorite room in the home, it’s likely going to be the kitchen! After all, the kitchen is where families congregate, entertain guests, and make tasty food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s only right that this room would also be decked out with the best appliances and designs.

Old kitchens have refrigerators that work, but don’t necessarily look stylish or function as well as newer models. A kitchen budget must make room for a refrigerator that can store an abundance of food, make ice automatically, or even have the freezer portion on the bottom for easy access. New refrigerators also use less electricity, so they will eventually attempt to pay their own price tag off over the years.

The brunch table in kitchens today is known as “the island.” The island is a table that allows for families to easily congregate over. Some island tables also incorporate neat features such as a built-in stove and venting unit. The island should have easy seating on at least one side, preferably comfortable bar stools that match the design. Pick a nice counter top for the island such as marble for added effect.

Boiling, baking, broiling, and many things in between are done on the stove. Don’t settle for a stove of modular design- find one that can easily be built into a counter so that you save space. Also consider a stove top that ditches the steel burner design, and instead uses a glass top with electric burners. Glass designs are much easier to clean, are safer, and can prevent home fires that steel burners create.

Paying extra for a kitchen floor for most consumers is the difference between linoleum and a hardwood floor. Exotic woods are available, such as zebra wood, that can make a dramatic effect in th style of your kitchen. If you have a high budget with no peak in sight, you can also opt for a marble or granite floor that is electronically warmed for colder months. This is the peak of luxury, and also the highest you can pay for a floor.

Sometimes it’s just the gadgets that can make a kitchen fun. From faucets that turn on and off with a single touch to custom LED systems for nighttime, there is plenty of money to spend here. Look into designer sinks as well- a free flowing sink design creates a peaceful and open environment. New age sinks are even made to work inside an actual aquarium.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to allow your kitchen be a disaster zone for months at a time. Have an interior design specialist do the work for you in a month or less. Outsourcing allows you to see a finished project without having to go through the stress, and can even save you money in some instances.

Alan Edsboro writes on interior design topics with a passion. Learn more about subjects Alan writes on concerning kitchen furnishings and interior design blog topics through related articles and websites.

A Beginner’s Guide To Home Interior Decorating

Is there anything more satisfying than retiring to your home that you have decorated yourself? Decorating your home is a creative exercise that not every home owner can do with complete justification. It needs patience and requires choosing the best quality material for every room and space that will add spectacular appeal to your room. If you are a beginner in the interior decorating, then here are quick tips that youd like to know on your first move:

Get Acquainted with the Theme Theme is the significant part when you are interior decorating your home. Without a proper theme you just cannot come out with cohesive home interiors that will otherwise make your home look fabulous and scintillating. Check for amazing themes interiors on Internet, and choose the one that impresses you the most.

Look for the Colors Colors are mood regulating and they play important role when you are interior decorating your home. It is significant to note here that perfect color harmony is necessary and this can only come if you choose the wall colors with extreme subtleness. Select the hues and shades from the color chart as this will give you a quick way out in making the color selection. In addition, you also need to know which color combination will best match the tone of your individual rooms when you are interior decorating your home. For example, in case of bedroom, neutral colors will work best. Similarly, in case of children bedrooms, attractive colors will give a smart appeal. Good color scheme together with a purposeful theme of interior decoration will make the most of your home interior decoration process.

Choose Right Kind of Materials and Accessories Choice of materials and accessories also make the important part of home interior decoration. And since you are a beginner in the area of home decoration, you need to spend some real quality time in order to get to know which type of accessory will give the right match to the rooms. Accessories such as statues, sconces, and other unique antique pieces will give your rooms a perfect touch. But again, you need to be clear on the right match.
Lights Play a Significant Role Proper illumination in the home should be one thing that you need to keep in your mind when interior decorating the things. The quality of light inside the rooms will automatically increase the value of accessories as well as multiply the color appeal. The intensity of light and also the color of light play decisive role to create spectacular tone of the room interiors.
Follow these guidelines seriously when decorating your home. This will help you to give special meaning to every room of your house.

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Guide to Get warm Interior Design

Bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is an animal which can be easily found in your bed. This parasite has very small size. It is not more than ¼ inch. They need blood for their food supply. This blood is usually gotten from rat or other animal but if you find it in your bed, it may suck your blood.

You need to remove this parasite. If you have been bitten, you will get skin sores. That will be very uncomfortable. In some cases, the person who got bitten may get infection. This parasite is attracted to warm and carbon dioxide. You may not realize the presence of this bug in your bed but in the morning when you wake up, you can see the sores on your skin.

After sucking you blood, this parasite is able to hide for six months. You may find more than just one sore. It can be caused by the amount of the bug. You need to remove and clean your bed regularly to prevent the presence of this bug. Bug can also live in carpet, rug even mats. Check your bed using flashlight carefully. These parasites like to hide between the bed and your wall outlet. You may also find them on your upholstery or behind the wallpaper.

If you find the symptoms of the bed bug presence and bitten, you need to call and visit your doctor immediately. You need to meet your doctor immediately to avoid infection. Before visiting your doctor, you can do simple treatment to reduce the pain and sores.

1. You can apply ice on the sores. It will reduce the swelling
2. Lotion or anesthetic cream can be used on the sores.
3. You can also wash your skin with warm water and soap.

Those steps can be done more than twice a day to reduce the possibility of having infection. You can also repeat this treatment till the symptoms subside.

If you have finished the treatment, you can clean your house especially your bed to remove the bed bug. The first thing that you need to check is your bed. You can use flashlight. Open your bed carefully and check every single area. You can also take a look at your furniture and wall outlet. If you have money, you can call pest control to remove the bed bug from your house. They will need 4 to 6 hours to clean the entire house.

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Your House Interior Design Guide

Thinking of making improvements to your house interior? Although there are thousands of options for you to choose from, planning the perfect home dcor will take a lot of time and effort. Here’s a quick and easy guide to make sure that you are able to make the most out of your house interior design!

One of the first things that you should consider is the space of your room. Your house interior design should not only look good, you should also be able to maximize your living space so that it appears larger and more organized. Did you know that moving several things around can create the illusion of a bigger room? Make sure that you use shelves and other storage spaces instead of putting it all on the floor. Installing large mirrors to your walls will also create the same effect to your house interior.

How about the windows? Windows are typically one of the most overlooked aspects of your room and house interior design. The right type of windows does not only allow for more space, it can also complement your room beautifully. You can choose from different kinds of window types to suit the theme of your home dcor. You can add curtains in different shades to top off the look.

The color of your walls can automatically transform the look of your room. Although white and beige has always been a classic color choice for house interior design, you can exercise your creativity by choosing practically any hue! You can even combine complementing shades for a unique touch to your room. The color of the walls will also determine the mood of the room, so make sure that you choose one that will be pleasing and relaxing to the eyes.

House interior design will not be complete without the proper lighting fixtures. You should be able to combine both natural and artificial lighting to brighten up your room. Smaller rooms should have enough light so that it won’t feel cramped. There are bulbs and lamps that range from bright white light to a more rosy glow. Make sure that you test the lighting first before purchasing any for your home.

The accessories that are used for house interior design may seem like just an add on, but you will see how much of a difference it makes! You can opt to buy plants or flowers for your centerpiece. Adding different kinds of home dcor and accessories will make your room visually pleasing. The right kind of fabrics and textures will surely make the most impact.

If you are still unsure on how to go about house interior decorating, you can try searching online for apartment and home inspirations. These sites are able to categorize it for different types of rooms: bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms would all have different styles and themes to choose from. You can try to find the best deals by shopping around. Make sure that you choose those that will beautify your home!

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