A Comprehensive Guide In Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

A good car doesn’t just appear good from the outside but from the inside as well. Cleaning the insides of your car can benefit not only the car itself but also you as the driver. For one, getting rid of dust and dirt can help you from acquiring allergies. The following is a comprehensive guide on how you can clean your car’s interior.

Begin the cleaning procedure by eliminating dust and dirt from under the car seats first. In doing this, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner designed in cleaning a vehicle’s interiors. Lift the carpets and vacuum in the floor area under the pedals. After that, attach the brush component of the vacuum and use it to clean the doors and the dashboard. The carpets and mats should be cleaned separately.

Next, clean the car seats by using a cleaning agent for fabric and upholstery. Apply the cleaning agent on the car seats and the upholstery as well. Using a dry cloth, rub it thoroughly and wipe it dry afterwards. In case there is no commercial cleaning agent available, you can create your own cleaning solution by mixing warm water and laundry detergent. Use the same procedure as you would for a commercial cleaning agent.

The dashboard would be a little complicated to clean and would require you to have a plastic polish, a moist piece of cloth, and a soft cleaning brush. Remove stain from the plastic parts first using the cloth and then apply the polish once you have dried them. In the long run, a duster would be needed to keep the dashboard looking shiny all the time.

If you have problems with foul odor inside the car, it’s possible that the air intake vent for your air conditioning system is blocked with dirt. When dirt settles, it can cause bacteria to grow and that results to a negative odor every time you turn on the air condition. To get rid of the problem, spray the air vent with an anti-bacterial odor treatment. Moreover, make sure that your car’s air condition is checked regularly for problems.

It doesn’t matter if your car is a new model, if you ignore the basics as simple as cleaning the interiors, you will fail to experience the quality of your car in a maximum level. Therefore, make it a habit of taking your car to the maintenance shop or you could do the job yourself if you have the knowledge and the resources.

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